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Facts & Figures

Kühlungsborn consists of two city centres: Kühlungsborn West (formerly Arendsee) and Kühlungsborn Ost (formerly Brunshaupten). In the centre of the city is the 133 hectare forest.

Guest arrivals and accommodation in numbers

Our guests come mainly from the federal states of Lower Saxony, North Rhine-Westphalia. Refrigeration is increasingly being visited by holidaymakers from Schleswig-Holstein, Hamburg, Bremen and the new Länder. This trend has increased significantly since the completion of the 20 autobahn.

The main focus of the economic development of cooling borns lies in tourism. The city acts as a center. The economic structure of the city is dominated by small businesses and handicraft companies.

Beds [thousand] |4|11|14|14 |15,5|15,7|16,1|16,5|16,5|18|17,5|18
Guest arrivals [thousand]|98|322|341|334|368|349|383|411|410|430|441|453
Overnight stays [thousand]|433|1.778|1.822|2.090|2.248|2.236|2.345|2.505|2.440|2.451|2.352|2.514
Average stay in days |4,4|5,5|5,34|6,26|6,21|6,4|6,13|6,1|6|6|5,3|5,6