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All the happiness of the Earth lies on the back of the horses

Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, as may be known to many, is also called horse land. MV has had this reputation for about 200 years. The oldest racecourse on the European mainland, where classic thoroughbred races took place, is located in the immediate vicinity of Bad Doberan and the seaside resort of Heiligendamm. Classic races are still being held here today. A highlight that has already become a tradition is the "Ostsee Meeting", which takes place every year in August.

Kühlungsborn and the surrounding area are also characterized by this trend. Mainly the tranquility, the landscape and the Baltic Sea invite riders from home and abroad to make a holiday here. Around and in refrigerated born you will always see pairing with horses. Refrigeration born itself has a riding stable, "equestrian Böldt" in the historic district of Fulgen.  Apart from boarding houses, this also offers horseback riding opportunities.

Egal ob Anfänger, Wiedereinsteiger oder Profi, Einzel- oder Gruppenunterricht - hier wird Ihnen ein perfekter Tag geboten.

Reiterhof Stechow
Dorfstr. 33b
18209 Steffenshagen
Tel. 038203-77181
Funk 0172-3169883

Pferdezucht und Reitsportzentrum
Vorder Bollhagen
Hauptstr. 1
18209 Gut Vorder Bollhagen
Tel. 038203-77439

Reiterhof Böldt
Fulgen 1
18225 Kühlungsborn
Tel. 0172-2143421