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Bäderarchitektur in Kühlungsborn

A city with style, elegance and tradition

Every visitor who comes to Kühlungsborn for the first time is surprised at the inviting townscape with its classical “Bäderarchitektur” (a building style typical for spa and health resorts). After the reunion of East and West Germany wise city fathers were able to maintain the historic scene of the old villas (around 1900) and to prevent new construction like elsewhere. Walking through town you will notice the passion for detail.


Kühlungsborn originally consisted of the three villages of Arendsee, Brunshaupten and Fulgen. Around 1900, the bathing tourismus in the three places became increasingly stronger and thus there was an increased construction activity.

After the Second World War, construction stopped because money and resources were lacking and policy was geared towards community ownership. Private initiatives were stopped and even persecuted (action Rose). Just because it lacked money, buildings were partially stripped down or, if they were too shabby, completely demolished.

Through the Reunification of Germany (1989) private initiative was then again on demand. Later, there was a community representation that called for a statute that would prevent older buildings from being demolished and new constructions to be created.

In the end, the Bäderarchitektur was restored and many buildings were refurbished in the old style. Still today, Still today, Kühlungsborn is free of any high-rise buildings, as the principle is that no building can be larger than the highest tree in the Baltic resort.