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Ridge Kühlung

In the south of Kühlungsborn rises a romantic, densely wooded hilly landscape that led to the emergence of many legends.

This ridge, called "Kühlung", is a landscape formed by the last ice age with Brooks, small pools, valleys, deep gorges and high-altitude trains up to 128 m.

You almost have the impression that you are in a central mountain range. Such a moraines landscape is unique on the Mecklenburg coast. From the highest point, the Diedrichshagener Mountain, you have a beautiful view of Kühlungsborn and its surrounding.

In addition to traditional cycling and hiking trips, horseback riding in the region is also becoming increasingly popular, so that tours are already offered on numerous equestrian farms. Especially for young and active guests, tours with Baltic mountain bikes are offered in the Kühlung. Such offers are only expected in southern Germany.