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Located directly by the sea, the Kühlungsborn seaside resort offers not only a unique location for holidaymakers, but also as a place of art.

Numerous offers can be perceived by artists and art enthusiasts. There is something for everyone from exhibitions and concerts to courses.

In the earlier reading hall, from which a Art Nouveau temple was built in 1900, today is the Kunsthalle Kühlungsborn. A number of alternating exhibitions and concerts are held here every year.  Highlights are for example the Jazz meeting, as well as the Guitar Festival in August.

The Atlierhaus Rösler Kröhnke is an "Oasis of the Sun", as the owner describes it. With its unique location behind the romantic ridge of Kühlung in a large garden, the artist discovered a place that inspired her. Since 2004 she has been exhibiting two annual discounts for her family of artists.

Klaus-Dieter Meyer produces very special pieces of jewelry made of wood. He presents these unique pieces in his gallery.

For many artists, numerous hotels also offer lucrative exhibition areas and promotions or arrangements. The Hotel Polarstern, for example, has been supporting talented young artists from all over the world for some time. In the Travel Charme, British artist Lucy Warren 2012 was allowed to live and work in conjunction with the creative season project.

Inspired by the Mecklenburg Cultural Association, the town of Kühlungsborn is a portly place full of inspiration and hospitality for many artists and art lovers thanks to its versatile and numerous possibilities.