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Tranquil resort in front of the gates of Kühlungsborn

[Translate to englisch:] Wittenbeck

The Baltic Sea community of Wittenbeck with its local parts behind Bollhagen and Klein Bollhagen lies between the traditional Baltic Sea Baths of Heiligendamm and Kühlungsborn. Nestled between the blue Baltic Sea and the noisy forests of the nature reserve "Kühlung", the municipality of Wittenbeck presents itself as a tranquil holiday resort for the whole family. Convince yourself of the scenic uniqueness and the hospitality of the community.

The local beach access beckons with an extensive beach and many leisure activities. In addition to the golf course with its natural location, it offers excellent conditions for enjoying nature – whether on foot, by bicycle or by horse from the nearby equestrian farm.

The Baltic coast and the Kühlung are right on the doorstep. As a relaxing holiday resort, Wittenbeck is ideal for the hiking and water lover. The forest "Kühlung" has a high recreational value in the municipality. It is an important regulator of the water balance and oxygen content of the air. The Kühlung provides shade and tranquility. Its special location makes it a popular destination for residents and their guests. In all three parts of Wittenbeck are hotels, holiday facilities, private accommodation and at the Spa, located directly on the Baltic Sea, mobile homes. A sports field and a golf course are available for sports activities.