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Spa facilities

Spa facilities

Neurodermatitis, skin allergy and respiratory diseases, food allergies, psycho-vegetative fatigue conditions, hyperactivity in children and much more. The reasons for a cure can be versatile.

A good option for women and children is to carry out a mother-to-child treatment to get out of work and family day three weeks to recover from physical and psychological stress and to set in motion sustainable recovery.

Children can accompany their mothers during this time and are cared for within the clinics, so that the women can take advantage of their indication-righteous therapies far away from everyday stress.

As a precautionary measure, mother-child cures (in addition, fathers can decide for a cure with the family offspring) are financed by the health insurance companies. There are advice centres throughout Germany that support you during the application and the selection of the appropriate arragements for you.

Because of its mild climate, Kühlungsborn is an excellent location for pension and rehabilitation facilities. Sports, conversations, beach-saving ornaments and, last but not least, the wide view over the sea are good for the body and soul, helping mothers, fathers and children to go home with a good feeling and the memory of a pleasant time.

Natural hygiene conditions of the Baltic Sea resort of Kühlungsborn

  • about 5 km long, well-kept and guarded beach
  • water quality (annually awarded the "blue flag")
  • mild stimulating climate with sea winds
  • comfortable Beach and forest trails through unique locations between water, forest and varied vegetation
  • ideal place for Kneipp therapies