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Seaside resort Warnemünde

Here the life is humming

[Translate to englisch:] Ostseebad Warnemünde

Today's busy Warnemünde has emerged from a small fishing village around the year 1323. The wide beach and harbour contributed to the fact that the Rostock district developed into an elegant seaside resort in the last century.

In Warnemünde, visitors can romp around at any time of the year; Whether strolling on the old stream with its captain's houses, marveling at the view from the lighthouse built at the turn of the century, or impressed by the power of the sea on the Westmole. A visit to Warnemünde includes a harbour tour and the pleasure of a fresh fish bun...

For technology enthusiasts, a visit to the Maritime Simulation Centre Warnemünde (by appointment) offers a unique opportunity.


Am Strom 59/Ecke Kirchenstraße
18119 Rostock-Warnemünde
Tel.: 0381 381 2222

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