Wellness & Health in Kühlungsborn

The perfect energy source: a feel-good holiday in Kühlungsborn.

Wellness is holistic well-being – for mind, body and soul. Indulge in the luxury of pampering yourself and choose your moment of pure enjoyment from a wide range of offers.

The fresh air of the sky flatters your skin day by day and gives you strength for new ideas. Take care of your wellbeing and choose between the various offers of our hosts. From Ayurveda to Thalasso applications to Lomi Lomi massages and cosmetic treatments – a holiday in Kühlungsborn is the perfect source of energy. Treat yourself to the luxury of doing something for yourself.

And movement is always "in" with us: Nordic walking and jogging on the beach, on the promenade or in the city forest... Cycling, horseback riding, inline skating, beach volleyball or beach soccer  -  there are so many opportunities to do something for yourself... Go to Sports & active in Kühlungsborn to arrive at yourself, switch off and recharge your batteries, there is no nicer place than the sea. Or do you know something more relaxing than the sound of the waves?

Wellness made in Kühlungsborn

The spa and wellness oases of Kühlungsborn's hotels offer relaxing massages, exclusive beauty treatments for the face and body and romantic, purifying bathing experiences.

Our editorial team checked in with Kühlungsborn's spa experts on your behalf, and found out some great wellness tips to pass on "Our guests want to experience the Baltic sea, the sand between their toes, the salt on their lips", commented Anja Raschke. Anja is a sports scientist and spa manager at the four-star Upstalsboom Hotelresidenz & SPA hotel, and has a clear idea of what her guests find important. The hotel has a brand-new thalasso concept: a Baltic spa trio of wellness, nutrition and fitness. "We want to give our guests a piece of the sea to take home with them", she explained. In the 1,300 m² Baltic spa, visitors can be massaged with amber, enjoy vegan meals in the restaurant, and breathe in the salty sea air during a yoga or pilates session on the beach. "After an amber massage," Anja added "our guests even receive a small piece of amber to take back home with them". Other natural products beside amber (or 'gold of the Baltic sea' as it is known) also play a part, so you can pamper yourself with a range of seaweed, mussel extract, salt and sea salt treatments too.

At the Four Seasons hotel, you can take a break from everyday life and let your senses roam free as you enjoy a Hawaiian temple massage accompanied by the sounds of the South Seas, or a Turkish bath with foam lather. Sauna enthusiasts won't want to miss out on the popular Sauna Night, which takes place every Friday and includes a glass of sparkling wine for each guest. "We offer five different sauna baths, a full-body peel and a face pack", said the hotel's spa manager Sabrina Meier. On top of this fruit, alcohol-free punch, water and small nibbles are provided. The Sauna Nights also have special themes, for example 'Winter Magic' or 'Caribbean Night'. "We are the only venue to offer this in Kühlungsborn. The atmosphere here is fantastic", she enthused. The hotel also offers a range of wellness packages to match the various seasons. The "Golden Autumn" package, for example, includes a Chardonnay peel and poultice in a swing chair and a relaxing full-body aromatic oil massage with sea buckthorn oil to fortify your immune system. This is followed by an invigorating and regenerating vitamin facial treatment. The "Winter Moon" package on the other hand contains such sensual delights as a chocolate cream bath, and a coffee peel to stimulate your metabolism. There is also a massage with hot, aromatic chocolate.

"Our guests want to experience the Baltic sea, the sand between their toes, the salt on their lips"

"The special thing that we offer, is that we work with substances that are produced naturally by the body. For example sugar, Hyaluron, salts and oxygen", remarked Steffi Jankowski, spa manager at the Am Weststrand apartment complex. Cupping therapy is new to the wellness oasis. "This ancient therapeutic technique helps relieve tension, back ache, a hardening of the muscles, and also mobilises blood flow", explained the state-certified beautician and body sugaring trainer. Sugar has been used for massages and hair removal for thousands of years. As part of an Arabian sugar massage, you can enjoy the aroma of middle eastern coffee on your skin. The caffeine has an energising, mood-lifting effect. Watersports take main billing at the Am Weststrand complex. "We have 17 watersports groups, who work off energy and keep themselves fit doing aqua gymnastics or aqua-cycling", stated Steffi Jankowski.

"Some of our most popular treatments in the winter are the Rasul bath – a Turkish steam bath – heat treatments and bathing therapies", said Marcel Nowak, physiotherapist at the Travel Charme Ostseehotel. In the hotel's private suite, couples can enjoy a pampering session completely undisturbed. Relax in a romantic, rose-blossom bath together with a glass of Prosecco or champagne and exotic fruit, before indulging in a soothing full-body massage. "Our romantic treatments for couples are a big hit", commented Marcel Nowak. The Travel Charme Ostseehotel is also the only hotel in Kühlungsborn with a heated outdoor pool. "We work with honey a lot", commented Stefanie Schöchert, beautician and massage therapist at the four-star Ringhotel Strandblick hotel. Apparently, natural cosmetics are particularly gentle on the skin. Just like Rügener Heilkreide: a healing chalk from the island of Rügen which is used as a purifying and cleansing compress. Hay body wraps followed by a back massage are also very popular. "It is beautifully fragrant, stimulates blood flow and prepares the skin perfectly for the massage".

Do you like the idea of a pampering session with precious stones? Then you should book yourself in with Yvonne Puskeiler at the Villa Astoria, which offers aromatic massages featuring precious stones such as crystallized quartz and rose quartz. The soothing massage is designed to bring mind, body and spirit into harmony and to activate your powers of self healing. A Tao-Zi herbal pouch massage nurtures your skin and is bliss for the senses. The herbal pouches are individually filled with herbs and spices and heated in almond oil. Let this Asian massage transport you to another world as you enjoy the warmth and fragrance on your skin. (ado) Enjoy treatments such as "Golden Autumn" and "Winter Moon" in the Four Seasons Hotel A treat for the skin and senses alike – Tao-Zi herbal pouch massage at the Villa Astoria.


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