Der Gutshof Bastorf

...Experience Mecklenburg Original!

Just a few stone litters from Kühlungsborn, the listed Manor Bastorf with its old, graceful Reetdachscheunen awaits you.

And under the thatched there are all sorts of things to discover:

Farm Market

Always in the nose: the farm market offers many regional specialties and in-house products. See the many delicious jams and fruit spreads that are cooked directly in the fruit kitchen. Buckthorn is very much in the course. But other seasonal fruits, forest masters, Elder Blossoms and the farm herbs are also used for the many special spreads-all fresh in the pot!

The children and all other sweets enjoy the candy shop with over 45 sweets. Curious ones can watch the show manufactory and then try it out.


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Farm Living

And while Mum and dad are exploring the farm market, visiting the orchard or smelling the herb garden, the little guests make the playground unsafe or visit Basti's bunny cage.

The Games room is also open to all children. Toys, books, handicraft utensils and much more are waiting for creative and enthusiastic children. Parents will also be amazed because the game room is located directly at the court-restaurant and thus also ensures relaxed dining times!

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Farm Restaurant

In the Courtyard restaurant on the estate Bastorf you can also enjoy the culinary delights.

Our cuisine is pleased to delight you with its varied dishes from the Mecklenburg region, garnished and refined with the good gifts from our own herb garden. Whether it's a midday snack, coffee and cake or a delicious evening meal from hearty to fine-the Hof-restaurant is always captivating with its original rustic atmosphere.

And for allergy sufferers we have also expelled our dishes.

Our food tip: Mecklenburg Gourmet Duck with dumplings and red cabbage



The Gutshof Bastorf was first dated to the year 1750 as the first typical Mecklenburg Hall House in the region.

At that time, humans and animals lived together under one roof. Henceforth, the manor was steadily expanded to store barn, main house, Backhaus,.... From 1996, the current family property was renovated with great attention to detail and historically. In the reconstruction, both the entire wood construction and the roofs have been incorporated in their original form. Proven materials of "Anno dunnemals" such as brick, clay and straw were used. Thus it was ensured that the manor Bastorf was preserved in its originality, and it was preserved what our guests like: The typical rustic and romantic atmosphere of the old manor.

Welcome to the Gutshof - we are looking forward to your visit!

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