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Sports & Active in Kühlungsborn

Where every sport becomes an experience

The climate in Kühlungsborn is healthy and clears the mind for new ideas. While you are building up your body by hiking, jogging, cycling, playing golf, sailing or surfing, the vitalising air is boosting your immune system. And if you can't decide between the woodlands and the water, the beach is a great alternative. Why not burn off some energy with a few games of beach volleyball, beach soccer or some fitness exercises on the sand?

In the clear morning breeze you can make an active start to the new day. Wake up your body, mind and soul while jogging or walking. Sports in Kühlungsborn come in every variety. No matter how far you go cycling, sailing, surfing, diving, horseback riding, skating, swimming or climbing- active people always get to the finish line. Explore our variety of offers. Here every sport is going to be an adventure.