The provincial capital

The city of the Seven Lakes presents with the Schwerin castle the probably most important sight of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Situated on an island, a spacious castle garden and the castle itself invite you to linger.

In the city centre there is the Lion Monument, the town hall in the Tudor and the Schwerin cathedral with Gothic cross altar. From Mecklenburg's highest tower, the tower with 117.5 meters, you can have a fantastic view over the city and its lakes. Countless timbered houses on the shelf market and in the many surrounding streets offer an ambience that is seldom found in the north.

A rainy day can be safely escaped in the observatory and Planetarium Schwerin or in the Schlosspark-center, which leaves no wish open due to a wide range of specialist shops.

Tourist Information

Am Markt 14
19055 Schwerin
Tel.: 0385/5925212

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