Hanseatic City Rostock

A real university town

Even after nearly 800 years of city history, the venerable Hanseatic and university City of Rostock has lost none of its original charm. Strolling through the city centre with its brick facades, numerous shops and cafes, you can watch the hustle and bustle of the streets in peace.

The St. Petri Church describes the city of the town's founding and also offers a fantastic view of the old town, Warnow and City harbour from the tower. In the Church of St. Mary you can marvel at a mysterious astronomical clock from the year 1472.

Every year on the second weekend of August, the traditional Hanse sail attracts more than a million guests, large and traditional sailors from all over the world. Further events can be found in the event calendar Rostock.

And for those who do not think about culture and shopping, the Rostock Zoo offers numerous attractions all year round.


Universitätsplatz 6 (Barocksaal)
18055 Rostock
Tel.: 0381 381-2222
E-Mail: touristinfo@rostock.de

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Town Hall

The city hall of Rostock is the center of the new market. Again and again it has changed and adapted to new requirements, yet it has always been the seat of the Council and the mayor and also the advice and meeting place of the citizens.


IGA Park

Open-air festivals, rock-pop events or Miniature world exhibitions. Varied garden landscape on the banks of the Warnow, Rosenhang, dome and international gardens delight the visitors every time anew in the IGA Park Rostock.



Maritime Museum

The exhibition on board of the listed 10,000 tonne-deep-sea freighter shows not only the history of shipbuilding on the Baltic Sea but also the history of the commercial shipping of the GDR, the seaplane construction and the offshore wind energy production.



Zoo & Darwineum

Welcome to the largest zoo of the Baltic Sea coast. Experience the diversity of the animal Kingdom with 4,500 animals from 340 different species worldwide in the Rostock Zoo. Special highlights are the evolution exhibition, the cultural evolution and the tropical hall in the newly built Darwineum.