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About 12 kilometres from Kühlungsborn is the cosy rerik between the sea and the lagoon. To the west is the island of Poel. From the blacksmith's Hill, a small hill, you can enjoy a unique view of the Wustrow Peninsula, the open sea and the idyllic salzhaff.

Special excursion destinations in Rerik are the Gothic church and the Stone Age large are. You should also plan a visit to the small but highly interesting local museum. In the small yacht port of the village, cruises to the Salzhaff are offered several times a day during the high season.

You can end your visit with a romantic walk along the steep coast to the sea or on a slightly more protected salzhaff.

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Local history museum

The Local History Museum Rerik was founded in 1953 and is located in one of the oldest buildings of the city, the school. It informs about the past and development in the fishing industry of the small town, presents you ship models and collections of seabirds. Not to mention an extensive collection of fossils of marine animals that make a visit indispensable.

St. Johannes Church

The St. Johannes Church, which was created between 1250 and 1270, is considered a popular point of contact for every tourist. Highlights include the altar shrine, the triumphal cross and an early Gothic granite baptismal. The best view of Rerik, the Salzhaff and the Baltic Sea is from the walk-in steeple, which can be reached with over 89 steps.

Großsteingrab Gaarzer Hof

The Stone Age large megalithic is one of the few human buildings in our landscape that we can still look at today. A special find from this great megalithic is a vessel with eye-shaped representations and is kept in the archaeological Museum of Schwerin. The tomb, which was released in the 1960s, is a must for every historically interested guest.