Baltic Sea resort Graal-Müritz

A beautiful destination

The five kilometer-long beach of the Baltic Sea underscores the reputation as a gateway to the peninsula of Fischland/Darß/Zingst. Surrounded by the Rostock Heath and the immediate distance to the Hanseatic city of Rostock, Graal-Müritz offers many visitors a perfect holiday destination.

Tourist Information

Rostocker Straße 3
18181 Graal-Müritz
Tel.: 038206/7030

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Fahrradverleih Kühlungsborn

Museum of local history

"From the fishing village to the spa" Since July 6, 2004 the official "Heimatmuseum Graal-Müritz", was founded on March 1, 1994 from a former Warmbad to the present-day local museum. With the most different exhibits such as old tablets or pictures, the beginnings and the recent past of the town are reported here.



Coastal Bog

Directly adjacent to the district of Müritz-Ost borders the coastal bog nature reserve. Rare plants are found here, such as Moss, Sundew, Cottongrass, Royal fern or the cranberry. But also under sheltered animals such as cranes, rare moth and dragonflies species, adders, Sea Eagles or Moor Frogs find their home here.



Rhododendron Park

The 4.5 ha large Rhododendron park, created by Friedrich-Karl Evert, was built at the end of the 1950s on a former sand and is today unique in Mecklenburg. Every year, the city invites you to the traditional Rhododendron park feast in the park.