Bad Doberan

The district town with Münster

The district town of Bad Doberan is located about 15 kilometres from Kühlungsborn and offers idyllic small town flair. Magnificent neoclassical buildings and impressive structures of North German brick Gothic dominate the cityscape.

The Münster from the late 14th century is not only a "pearl of the north German brick Gothic" but also as a Cistercian church with rich original furnishings from the Middle Ages and as the country's princely main grave of international importance. The Town and Spa Museum Bad Doberan, not far from the cathedral, offers an exciting excursion through the history of the first German sea Bath Doberan-Heiligendamm. On the Kamp you will find the white and the Red Pavilion, both buildings have influences of Chinese architecture. Alternating art exhibitions take place in the Red Pavilion.

A special attraction is the historic narrow-gauge railway "Molli", which has been in the middle of the city centre for over a hundred years pants. It connects Bad Doberan with the seaside resort of Heiligendamm and Kühlungsborn. A little nostalgia promises a romantic ride under majestic avenues at any time of year!

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Severinstraße 6
18209 Bad Doberan
Tel.: 038203/621 54

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Doberaner Münster

The high altar is considered to be the oldest wing age of art history among numerous notable original fittings. As an applicant for admission to the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Minster in the Spa Doberan may soon boast the title of the richest still existing medieval Cistercian church in Europe.

Mecklenburgische Bäderbahn "Molli"

With a gauge of 900mm, the Molli is one of the oldest narrow gauge railways in the world and, like no other means of transport, spans the arch between traditional baths culture and contemporary holiday offers between Kühlungsborn west and Bad Doberan.


In the midst of bad Doberan there is a Linden Green area, which is characterised by two pavilions in the chinese style of the Kamp Theatre. It used to be the centre of the social life of the noble seaside resort of Doberan-Heiligendamm, while today it is also the city park and popular venue for open-air events.

Traditional racetrack

Only a few kilometres away between Bad Doberan and Heiligendamm is the oldest traditional racecourse in Germany and since tradition in Doberan is capitalized, several events such as the Baltic Sea meeting are still being held today.