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Baltic Sea holiday in a seaside resort with flair

Kühlungsborn has been known as a seaside resort since the mid-19th century. From that time there are still many examples of the Bäderarchitektur, the ideal conditions for a wonderful stay at the Mecklenburg Bay. Seaside holiday has a long tradition here. The foundation for the current Baltic Sea resort in the district of Bad Doberan in Mecklenburg Bay was already laid in the middle of the 19th century.

Here the charm of bygone times combines with the comfort of today. Take a stroll on the longest beach promenade in Germany and enjoy the view of the wide sea. Or amble along the redesigned Ostseeallee, which invites you to stroll and linger with its chic flair. Dine at one of the restaurants or cafés and enjoy the pleasant ambience.

In 2004, the new boat harbour was created with 400 berths in the east of Kühlungsborn. On February 15, 1996, the town was awarded the title "Seaside resort". Of course, the topic of health and wellness is also a major priority in Kühlungsborn. Because in Kühlungsborn, you make full use of natural power. Especially in the colder months the clean air, thanks to the adequate stimulus climate, acts as a real boon. Take care of your health and choose relaxing massages, Kneipp water treading or a caring cosmetic treatment. Strengthen your heart and circulation with cold and warm baths and simply take your time for your health. Experience Chinese breathing, movement and wellness massages with warm Baltic stones as well as spine wellness. Traditional Chinese medicine or oxygen multistep applications are carried out, too.

Kühlungsborn, a city with style and tradition. The concert garden East, completely renovated in 2003, invites you to a cultural programme, from classical concerts to blues. Art lovers will get their money's worth at high-profile exhibitions in the Kunsthalle. An architectural landmark is the early Gothic church, with late Gothic triumph cross group from the 15th century. The steam railway "Molli" radiates a special attraction on large and small railway enthusiasts. The surrounding region of Kühlungsborn is also worth a visit: in Bad Doberan the Minster, near Heiligendamm the oldest horse racing track in Europe, the Hanseatic cities of Rostock and Wismar with their ports and Schwerin with its fairytail castle, too. See more...

The seaside resort of Kühlungsborn welcomes you with its space, waves, wind and wealth of historical buildings of the “Bäderarchitektur” which is so typical of this Region.

In other words – what Brighton means to England – what Deauville means to France, Kühlungsborn means to Germany. Our villas portray an idyllic atmosphere of the past century. This place combines the charm of the “good old days” with the comfort of today. Lovely greenery surrounds Kühlungsborn’s guests at every step, in the avenues and the wood in the middle of the town. Amble along Germany’s longest promenade and let your eyes roam over the rolling waves. Or walk along the elegant Ostseeallee (one of the avenues), which invites you to a nostalgic stroll. In short: relax and leave behind your everyday life…

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