Guided tours through Kühlungsborn

Whether walking by bike or Segway

Discover Germany's largest seaside resort at one of our popular city tours. Whether with one of the Kühlungsborn originals, in the evening or on your own with the Digital city tour.

Kühlungsborner City Tour

Monday 14:00 with the Kühlungsborn original Hanka Ballard.

Wednesdays 14:00 and Sundays 11:00 - Kühlungsborner City tour with audio guide.

Duration approx. 1.5 hours. from 3 persons. Fee (with/without card): €5.00/€8.00. This event is weather-dependent. Information & Meeting point: Haus des Gastes, Ostseeallee 19, Tel.: 038293/8490.

Birgit Grote

since 2011 hiking guide

Special Topics: Nature, maritime landscape, plants and animals

Why am I happy to be a guest guide: The contact with holidaymakers in the fantastic landscape of Mecklenburg is just fun!

Britta Kunis

Special topics: Kühlungsborn and surroundings

Why am I happy to be a guest guide: I would like to show guests that Kühlungsborn has many beautiful corners off the beach.


Gunnar Teuchner

Special topics: Ice age stone age modern age

Why am I happy to be a guest guide: Enthusiasm for the positive development of the Baltic bath Kühlungsborn.

Klaus Schumacher

Special topics: Kühlungsborn, its development, architecture and attractions

Why am I happy to be a guest guide: I would like to put a small building block to introduce my hometown of Kühlungsborn to the guests and all those interested, to encourage them to stay again and to recommend our sea Bath to third parties.

City Guide profileEnglish tours possible

Christian Vierow

Special topics: Platt German, Kühlungsborn east and west

Carmen Sambale

Special Topics: The "Molli", Culinary city tour from east to west and the nature reserve Riedensee

Why am I happy to be a guest guide: I love Kühlungsborn, the contact with guests and feel connected to the region. It makes me happy to pass on trivia.

Lutz Tamm

Special Topics: The German division at the Baltic Sea-with Grenzturm Kühlungsborn, Kühlungsborn generation to this day, Heiligendamm and Bad Doberan

Why am I happy to be a guest guide: I like to host and love dealing with national and international guests and groups of all generations.

Guided tours in the Marina Kühlungsborn

Monday 16:00, Tuesdays 10:00. Interesting facts about the boat Harbour and the history of Kühlungsborn, about 45 minutes. Information and registration: Sea Weather Station, tel.: 038293/410174. Meeting point: Reception area in the Harbour Master House. Fee (with/without card): €2.50/€3.50.

Witches ' stroll with the fairytale witch Küboschka

Wednesdays 19:30 PM in the holidays - cosy and entertaining stroll through the city forest towards Blocksberg with legends, riddles and anecdotes of the region. At the end of the brewery Kübschka's Besentanz and drink. Information at: 0172/8750987. Meeting point: Experience Restaurant "Molli" at the station Kühlungsborn Ost. Fee: Adults €6.00, Kids €3.00. This event is weather-dependent.

Romantic evening stroll

Wednesday, 19:30. Legends and Historical tales of the region go to the more than 800 years old St. Johannis Church. There you will find interesting information about church history and sacral art in a loose form, pieces are played on the organ and evening songs are sung. Then, with fairytale contributions through the forest, it goes to a small drink in the brewery. Meeting point: Experience Restaurant "Molli" at the station Kühlungsborn Ost. Fee: Adults €8.00, kids €5.00.


Digital City Tour

Do you own a smartphone? Solve puzzles and discover Kühlungsborn in the form of a modern scavenger hunt.