The Beach Chair

Since 1882

The history of the beach basket began essentially with the fact that in spring 1882 a certain Elfriede von Maltzahn entered the Rostock workshop of the basket maker Wilhelm Bartelmann. Since she suffered from rheumatism, but still enjoyed being at the seaside, she asked him for a seat for the beach, which offers shelter from the sun and wind.

So it did not take long and the first beach basket on the Baltic Sea (out of pipe and pastures) was created. where "beach basket" is not really the right term. Much more it was a "beach chair" because only one person found space in the new basket furniture.

Demand grew steadily, so that Bartelmann diligently produced more beach baskets. A year after he launched the variant for one person, he brought the beach basket for two people to the market and at the same time founded his wife, Elisabeth Bartelmann, the first beach basket rental of the world in Warnemünde.

Since no patent has been registered for the beach basket, models from various other craftsmen were also created, often with other extras such as armrests and also supports.

Further development

1897, his apprentice developed a model with adjustable backrest, the so-called "half-lying". Around 1900, the beach baskets were well accepted everywhere on German coastal baths. To this day, the business is booming, not only on the coast.

The youngest daughter continued the parental business and a son in the second generation Bartelmanns took over the basket in Rostock. Since his brothers founded shops for "luxury and Galantierwaren" in the surrounding seaside resorts, there were the Bartelmann shops in Dierhagen, Müritz, Graal, Warnemünde, Rerik (then old Gaarz) and finally also in today's Kühlungsborn (then Brunshaupten and Arendsee).


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